What could selling your company do for you?

Financial Security

Selling your home service business to Bierwirth Insurance Agency can provide you with a substantial sum of money, offering financial security and the opportunity to invest in other ventures or enjoy your retirement comfortably.

Operational Efficiency

By joining forces with Bierwirth Insurance Agency, you can benefit from their established operational expertise and resources, allowing your business to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Access to a Wider Customer Base

Bierwirth Insurance Agency likely has a larger customer base and network, which means that your services can reach a broader audience and potentially lead to increased revenue and growth.

Strong Industry Reputation

Selling to Bierwirth Insurance Agency can enhance the reputation of your business, as they are known for their professionalism and quality services. This can positively impact customer trust and loyalty, benefiting both you and your employees.

Acquisition Process

Our approach to acquisitions centers around building synergies among all the businesses involved, preserving the individual brand and legacy of each company. We customize each acquisition to align with your unique business, and we are adaptable in our pace to ensure it suits your needs best. Here’s an outline of our process:

Step 1

Initial Assessment

Qualitative exploration involves gaining insights into your business, including the markets you serve, customer demographics, your geographical presence, and more.

Step 2

Valuation Review

We analyze financial data such as EBITDA’s performance and other relevant metrics to assess its valuation.

Step 3

Letter of Intent

We document our intentions and ensure mutual comfort among all involved parties before proceeding.

Step 4


We leverage both in-house and third party resources to conduct due diligence in critical functional areas without disrupting your operations.

Step 5


We finalize and fund the transaction while offering impartial support and ongoing guidance to the business owner in the post-closing phase.

Step 6

Post-Close Transaction

Our team offers comprehensive post-transaction assistance across all aspects of the business to facilitate a seamless integration into the Fortress Family.

Become a Bierwirth Brand

Join the Bierwirth Brand Family: We’re actively seeking insurance agencies that meet the following criteria to expand our Bierwirth family.

  • Demonstrated history of consistent financial success.
  • A robust brand and a dominant market presence within your target markets.
  • Effective leadership and skilled management team.
  • A culture that recognizes the significance of every single staff member.
  • Strong customer relationships
Bierwirth Insurance: Mergers and Acquisitions for insurance agencies

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